We’re Hiring 2018/2019 Executive Team!

It is that time of year! Queen’s Pre-Law Society will be hiring our 2018/2019 Executive Team members! We are looking for passionate and creative individuals who are interested in law and who want to be involved in the planning and execution of our events next year!

This year, we will be hiring:

  • Public Relations Directors (2)
  • Marketing Directors (2)
  • Fundraising Director (1)
  • Secretary (1)
  • Treasurer (1)

Applications will close on Saturday, March 10, at 6:00 P.M., and interviews will be held on Sunday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 13.

If you’re interested in applying, please click HERE!

Job descriptions are as follows:

Public Relations Director (2):

The position of Public Relations Director primarily involves networking with lawyers, judges and law students, both within and outside of Kingston to acquire guest speakers and maintain positive relationships within the legal community. This position includes creating cases for our annual case competitions and mock trials, while also assisting the executive team with speaker events and fundraisers. The Public Relations Directors will work closely with the Senior Events Director for planning and events. A successful Public Relations Director will be outgoing, interested in meeting new people and able to work closely and enthusiastically with a team.

Fundraising Director (1):

The position of Fundraising Director primarily involves connecting with our charitable partners at Cambodian Legal Education for Women (CLEW). You will be responsible for organizing and executing all charitable initiatives, including hosting our Cambodian Markets, bake sales, and other fundraising initiatives. The Fundraising Director will hire and manage a separate C.L.E.W. committee of fundraising assistants who will assist with fundraising efforts. This individual should have a strong philanthropic spirit, a passion for creativity, and be able to work well with others.

Marketing Director (2):

The position of Marketing Director primarily involves promoting the Society by maintaining a social media presence, via the QPLS website, Facebook page, Instagram, website and around campus. Additionally, you are responsible for informing the Queen’s community and the surrounding public about QPLS objectives and upcoming events. The second aspect of this position involves obtaining sponsorship for QPLS, which entails interacting with various businesses, law firms, and other organizations, in order to receive financial support for future events.

Treasurer (1):

The position of Treasurer primarily involves money management and bookkeeping. This entails being in charge of membership registration fees, tracking sponsorship contributions, providing monthly income statements, managing the bank account and overseeing all general transactions and expenditures. This position is great for students who are organized, responsible and enjoy handling finances.

Secretary (1):

The Secretary position involves various administrative functions, such as, gathering contact information from incoming members, sending out weekly emails, answering questions via our Facebook page and keeping exec ‘meeting minutes’. In addition, this position requires you to manage the QPLS email account with incoming emails, and pass along relevant information to the other Exec’s. As Secretary, you are responsible for booking rooms for weekly meetings, and society events, through Event Services at Queen’s. This position is great for students who are organized and have good time management skills.


Time Commitment:

All positions involve approximately 2-4 hours (dependent on the week’s event) of work outside of the mandatory 1 hour executive meeting each week.