Mooting Competition


It’s official! Queen’s Pre-Law Society’s very first Mooting Competition is finished!

The event on Wednesday, February 7th, was certainly one for the books! With so many talented speakers and passionate law school judges, it certainly felt like a scene out of Travolta’s “A Scene of Action”.

On behalf of Queen’s Pre-Law Society, I would like to extend a special congratulations to the winners of the competition, Cameron Meakin and Daniel Wolfe, whose cumulative team score earned them the top spot in our competition!

Make sure to check out the photos below! 

A Note From Our Public Relations Director, Helen Kosc:

Thank you to everyone that was involved in this tournament, Charlotte and I could not have organized this tournament without all your help:

Thank you to all the competitors who met with us weeks prior to practice and perfect their cases and who, no doubt, impressed all the judges accordingly! The competitors did an incredible job submitting a case that was certainly challenging, and they should be extremely proud of themselves for this feat.

A very special thank you to the judges for all that they did to ensure that this tournament was such a success. Whether it was through meeting up with Charlotte and I, or sending us relevant cases, the judges were all a great help when it came to developing this tournament, something that Queen’s Pre-Law Society has never done in the past. Not to mention, we can only imagine how busy this time must be for law students, so we are beyond grateful that they could devote part of your free time to helping our members improve!

Charlotte and I had a wonderful time organizing and running a Mooting Competition together, and it was enormously gratifying to see how much of a success it was, and we owe this entirely to our devoted members!

This was the first time Queen’s Pre-Law Society has hosted a Mooting Competition, but certainly not the last! We hope to see you all at our future events!

Helen Kosc, BAH – CIB | Public Relations Director Queen’s Pre-Law Society