Guest Speaker Night

On January 22, 2018, the Queen’s Pre-Law Society welcomed Margaret Waddell and Peter Cronyn as guest speakers!

Ms. Waddell is one of the Founding Partner of Waddell Phillips PC, located in Toronto, where she practices in the field of Class Actions and Commercial Litigation. Ms. Waddell is a Queen’s Law graduate and is also a guest lecturer at Queen’s Law where she teaches LAW 682: Class Action Practice and Procedure.

Mr. Cronyn is a Partner at Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP, located in Ottawa, where he practices in many fields, notably, Personal Injury Law, Fertility Law, and Commercial Litigation.

Members braved the freezing rain to attend and learn more about the path to law school, the similarities and differences between typical articling positions compared to Ryerson’s Law Practice Program (LPP), and the experiences of both lawyers in their fields of practice!

On behalf of the Queen’s Pre-Law Society, we would like to thank both of our speakers for attending!