QPLS Mock Trial

First Mock Trial of the year! It was an exciting night, with both sides presenting hard arguments for their cases.

This trial was surrounding a case about one student – Chris Archer – who supposedly forced a young pledge – Milan Jackson – in a fraternity to climb a clock tower, although she was extremely intoxicated, to ensure her initiation. Unfortunately, when she ran to the top of the tower to wave a flag given to her, Milan ultimately fell to her death. The question then became, was Chris Archer guilty of reckless endangerment, or even possibly murder if intent was found, as the young woman supposedly rejected his advances? Or was Milan a young pledge who drank too much and brought it upon herself? First, both sides presented their strong opening statements, about either why Chis Archer should be found guilty for allowing, and encouraging this young woman to attempt a dangerous stunt for the sake of getting into the frat, or why this young woman was able to make her own decisions, both about how much alcohol she drank, and to go up the clock tower.

Then there was the direct and indirect examination of the witnesses on both sides. This was then followed by the judges delivering their closing arguments, and the jurors went to deliberate.

Ultimately, it was decided by the judges that the prosecution lawyers had the better case, with an expert witness and Milan’s friend Pat Green it was found that Chris Archer was in fact guilty of reckless endangerment leading to Milan’s untimely death.

Our judges who are law school students here at Queen’s were then able to give feedback to those who participated as judged, and tell them what can be improved for next time.

Just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who participated, hope everyone had a good time, can’t wait to see everyone at our next event!